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If you want to go straight to our modern re-telling of Shakespeare's The Tempest (in progress), well just click it.

If you want to find out just a little more of what this is all about, read on.

This site is about my work with two Wills: the somewhat famous one born in 1564, and the less famous one born in 1960. It's about how what began as an attempt by two brothers to collaborate on a book has now become a website where we are putting our work out there for all to see. We're thinking that some of you will find it interesting and that some of you will find it helpful. Doubtless a handfull of you will find it neither, with the reality being that the vast majority of you simply won't find it.

So what is it anyway? Simply put, it is our interpretation of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, illustrated by Will and written by me that we are publishing here in installments. We'll be putting out one panel every week or so for the months to come. So you'll have to come back and visit if we get you interested.

If, by the way, you didn't get here from our Blog, you should know that we have one. You can get a bit more info there about how we came up with this idea, and how we have, are, and will be putting this thing together, and a bunch of other stuff that may, or may not, interest you. At the blog you can also leave your comments. On the other hand, if that sort of thing doesn't interest you, well by all means avoid it.

One further note: we've added a link at the beginning of each panel to pull up Shakespeare's original text of the scene you're currently on. If you're not familiar with the original work, please take a look at it here. My words are not even a dim shadow of Will's brilliance, but I'm hopeful that they will interest you enough to spend a litte time with the original play.

And that's about it. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you well

Will and Will and Me Blog

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